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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best of 2010

I was looking through the BurdaStyle album "Best of 2010" and 2 of my projects were in it! God has really blessed me this year.

Here's the link: Best of 2010
Photo 12 is of the prom dress and photo 48 is of the Urban Outfitters inspired bag.
There's lots of other fantastic projects in that album.

Lots of Projects

I haven't posted in forever.  It's because of that time thing, you know? I've made several things, let me just show the pictures. They are in order from oldest to newest.  A total of 4 projects finished.  3 of which were completed during break. 

 This is Leigh Anne's dress.  She was asking me for it for a long time... I finally finished it. 

It was inspired from this dress (hope it's ok i'm using this picture KK)

Flower ruffle detail

Tie in back... a little longer than I wanted it to be... oh well.

Front.  And let me just say It looks and fits much better on the actual person. 
My mannequin doesn't understand curves.

This purse was for Hannah B.'s birthday present.  I was told her favorite color is purple.

I think my machine needle broke 5 times while sewing this. 

Inside - has three pockets and zipper pocket

This guy was easier to show in one collage of photos.  It's an owl wallet made out of leather.  My sewing machine actually put up with it.  I gave this to Hannah H. for her late birthday/christmas present. 

Yea, horrible picture taking lighting.
This is a purse I made for my grandma's Christmas present.

The weaving was the most time consuming thing ever. It took a full 8-10 hours to cut out every piece and sew it, and then turn it right side out, then iron it flat. I should have taken a pic of all the pieces together. 

This is the back. There are 2 pockets that close with small magnetic snaps.

Font with flap opened.

This is the inside.  1 pocket. 1 zipper pocket. 1 water bottle pocket.  My grandma always carries a water bottle with her so I knew she would like that pocket. 

And here's a small peak of Dusty's dress in the making.  I'm finishing it today! finally.  

Friday, September 10, 2010

Josie's bag

So Josie wanted me to make her a bag like one she saw from Urban Outfitters.  So here's my version, which stays very close to the UO version.  It took forever, mainly trying to find all of those antique brass pieces! Plus I had to order the zippers online. Who knew Joann doesn't sell antique brass zippers with a creme tape? Oh wait I did.  Haha but finally I found what I needed.  I drew up my own pattern and just kinda figured out how I was going to put it together in my head.  Now I really really reallllyyyy want one for myself.  And guess what?! It can convert to be both a messenger bag OR a backpack! How cool is that?!

My model looks sooo excited!

There are 5 pockets and a zipper pocket in the lining.

Front view

Back view

Side view

With the flap up


Bottom view

My sketch before I made it.  

The bag from Urban Outfitters.

Just for fun...

   So I have TONS of this lace fabric from vintage lace curtains I found, and I really wanted to make something out of it.  So I did.  Yes, I should have studied for my U.S. Government test but what the heck, it's national sewing month!!! Besides, it only took my like 4 or so hours.  But now I don't know what to do with this chic looking clutch.  Do I sell it? Keep it for myself? What do you think? Who wants to buy this from me? Um you know you want to...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Amanda's bag

 I made this before i made the doll clothes but I just hadn't finished sewing the straps on it. 
This bag is designed by me, made for Amanda's school books.  It has 7 inside pockets and a zipper pocket in the lining.  It closes with a magnetic snap.  There's a thick, flexible piece of plastic in the bottom of the bag (between the outside fabric and the lining) for durability.  For more durableness there is a layer of thick, stiff interfacing between the bag and lining.  
Original sketch

I probably won't get many chances this week to sew but hopefully next week will be less busy!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

50's clothes for vintage dolls

   So someone asked me if I could make some 50's clothes for these dolls.  I think the dolls are from the 1960's.  I designed every outfit and had to make patterns for each doll except for the dudes shirt and pants.  It was a lot of fun! Definitely time consuming though.  I had to hand sew like 50 bazillion snaps. Haha here are the pictures. (sorry about the crappy lighting).

The Dad's outfit.

The Mom's outfit.

Teenage Boy's outfit. Look at that stuuuddddd

Teenage Girl's outfit.

and my favorite... Little Girl's outfit. 

That's my latest sewing project! Next up: Josie's bag =)