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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Really great at starting things...not so good at finishing/keeping up with things

I am halfway done with Einstein I think.  I had to get different paper before I started because the charcoal was not sticking to the paper I chose.  My mom picked me up some special charcoal paper, and the charcoal stick okay, but now I'm having issues with the paper peeling.  I don't know what's going on.  Oh, well, I just have to be careful.  I took a 5 week summer drawing class and I drew one of my pictures I took in Sedona. In real life it's 18' by 24".  The picture does a bad job showing what the drawing looks like in real life. 
I had so much fun doing this landscape drawing.  Before this class, the only things I drew were portraits and I thought drawing landscapes would be boring and hard. I kept thinking of drawing ten-thousand individual leaves on a tree and that did not sound like fun.  Turns out, landscape drawing is just a bunch of smudgy values to create the illusion of texture of a tree or a rock, etc.. 
I really liked how this turned out so I decided to choose another one of my own landscape pictures for my final drawing.  Something with lots of trees so I could smudge values to my heart's content! Anyways.  Here's a picture of my final drawing.  I decided to incorporate some colored pencil. This is also on high-quality handmade drawing paper that I bought specially for my final drawing.  
I think it's 20" by 30"
I took this picture last summer in France.  This is just a random bridge in some beautiful random greenery at Leonardo da Vinci's last residence.

I've also painted a couple of things and sewn alot since my last post in March, but I'm terrible at taking pictures of what I make.  I will try to do better next time so I can actually post here more often!

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